5 Easy Steps to Start Your IT Career

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Pick Your IT Specialization

IT education is not all about a college degree – you can start Anywhere. A good first step is identifying your key strengths and passions and converting them into a new career choice. Get a taste of what IT specializations feel like with short interviews from IT Beard:

  • How to learn Java. Java Software Engineer Alexey Konahav [ENG subs]

  • How to learn Java Script. Chief Software Engineer Artem Alexejenko [ENG subs]

  • How to learn Python. Lead Software Engineer Yuri Zaitsev [ENG subs]

If you don't know where your interest lies, read our digest on the different directions in IT to identify the best fit.

Pick my specialization

Master Your New Profession

Once you’ve chosen the right track, it’s time to pick up new skills. We have educational content waiting to be explored – browse through it on your own, complete courses and get one step closer to your first job in IT.

Join a Professional Community to Stay on Track

Bring social context into your studies through our partners, We Are Community, – a network of occupational communities where eager IT professionals share their knowledge, skills, and passions.

Join a community which resonates with your interest to take part in associated webinars, conferences, and meetups. Creating an account with Anywhere Club automatically gives you access to We Are Community. 

Partner Platforms that Deliver

Anywhere Club pursues partnerships with universities and established tech companies around the Globe to deliver the best IT education. Our leading partner, EPAM, has over 15 years of educational experience and over 25 years of experience in software development, which they invested into creating a fully developed educational ecosystem.

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