Hoş geldiniz to Turkey

Turkey is located at the crossroads of Asia, Europe, and Africa. The country is surrounded by four seas: the Mediterranean, the Aegean, the Marmara, and the Black Sea.

Economic growth

At the end of 2021, the Turkish economy ranked 19th in the world in terms of GDP and first among developing countries.

IT industry

More than 80 technology parks are registered in the country. According to pilot.co, the average salary of a developer in Turkey is $39,935 per year.


Turkey is home to two of the Seven Wonders of the World — the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus and the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus.

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Key facts

Turkey offers businesses favorable conditions. A registered legal entity is eligible for customs and tax allowances.

85 mln





Dominant religion


Official language

Turkish lira / TRY




Income tax (depends on the annual income)

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Turkey holds many festivals. The most popular are the Sand Sculpture Festival in Antalya, Istanbul Tulip Festival, Izmir Art Festival, Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival, and the Izmir International Fair.

Climate and nature

The coastal areas alongside the Mediterranean shores have a temperate climate. The summers are hot and arid, and the winters are cold and wet.


Average summer temperature


Average winter temperature


Average № of clear days per year

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SGK (Sosyal Güvenlik Kurumu) is a Turkish state health program. SGK members receive free healthcare at public hospitals. The program covers work injuries, childbirth, treatment in public clinics, and more. Foreign citizens are eligible for SGK state insurance one year after obtaining a residence permit.

Health insurance is required to get a residence permit. You can buy an insurance policy from a private agency.

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Employees have access to a health insurance program.



State kindergartens are free. Children between the ages of 3 and 6 can be enrolled. Parents pay for student transportation, special events, and kindergarten needs.

The average price of private kindergartens starts at 2,000 lire per month. They accept children between the ages of 2 and 6 years. It is possible to study in English.


Compulsory education lasts 12 years. In state schools, the main teaching language is Turkish. There are, however, specially licensed or foreign schools that offer instruction in English, German, or other languages.

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Top cities for relocation

Key facts

Ankara is the capital and major administrative center of the Turkish Republic. It has a favorable environment for the development of fintech and marketing & sales startups.

5.31 mln



Quality of Life Index


Safety Index


Crime Index


Pollution Index


Health Care Index

Cost of living

Monthly expenses estimate

Single person (rent excluded)

$ 361.68

Family of four (rent excluded)

$ 1,272.52


Monthly food expenses per person (average)

$ 135.19

Rental cost per month

Apartment in the city center (1 bedroom)

$ 184.81

Apartment in the city center (3 bedrooms)

$ 342.20

Utilities (monthly)

Basic (electricity, heating, cooling, water, garbage) for 85m2 apartment

$ 55.38


$ 7.97


Preschool or kindergarten (private, full-day, per child per month)

$ 191.14

International primary school (per child per year)

$ 4,660.77


Meal, inexpensive restaurant

$ 3.46

Meal for 2 people, mid-range restaurant, three-course

$ 14.40


One-way ticket (local transport)

$ 0.37

Monthly pass (regular price)

$ 22.47

Taxi 1km (normal tariff)

$ 0.35

Gasoline (1 liter)

$ 1.28

Relocate Turkey AnkaraRelocate Turkey Ankara


The public transport in Ankara includes buses, minibuses, taxis, and the subway. The most convenient and cheapest way to pay for the fare is the Ankarakart. You can buy it at the bus or subway station.

To get a taxi, you can use the Uber or BiTaksi app.


Semi-arid climate means that Ankara sees little rain throughout the year. Warm arid summers with clear sky are succeeded by cold and snowy winters with moderate cloudiness.

Average summer temperature


Average winter temperature


Average № of clear days per year