Xush kelibsiz to Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is a welcoming country with its own brand of charm: a perfect option for open-minded persons with a strong focus on career. Country has a well-developed economic system, demonstrating a steady annual increase in GDP. The Uzbek nation takes special pride in its traditions and hospitality, so you should feel at home no matter where you come from.


Centuries-old madrassas and mosques, lively oriental-style bazaars leave a lasting impression on the most demanding of travelers.

Low cost of living

Living in Uzbekistan is many times cheaper compared to Central Europe or the US. At the same time, it is a little more expensive than living in Kyrgyzstan or Tajikistan.

Fresh food

Food is important for the Uzbek culture. Local markets abound with fresh ingredients, and the restaurants invite guests to try the best the of national cuisine at a reasonable price.

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Key facts

Uzbekistan can boast unique traditions and heritage, partially formed under the influence of the great Persian Empire, the leadership of Genghis Khan and Tamerlane’s rule. Today the country is home to five different UNESCO World Heritage sites and the world’s largest open-pit gold mine.

35.3 mln





Dominant religion


Official language

Uzbek som / UZS




Personal Income Tax for IT Park residents


Personal Income Tax



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Possibility to receive salary in USD to an international card issued by the local bank with EPAM support.

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For the most part of its history, the state of Uzbekistan has been home to many nationalities which helped shape the unique cultural portrait of the region. One important landmark to visit is the grand Bibi Khanym Mosque in Samarkand adorned with labyrinthine patterns and crowned with turquoise domes. If you venture a trip to a rural area, you may see bright-colored traditional Uzbek robes, which are becoming less popular now in major cities.

Climate and nature

The majestic mountains of Uzbekistan store a collection of treasures, so hundreds of tourists and extreme athletes arrive there annually to conquer the high-altitude peaks. Beautiful waterfalls, mountain summits, skiing trails, alpine meadows, nature reserves and forest areas, canyons and mountain lakes, caves and ancient man sites — come to Uzbekistan to see all of this and more. 


Average summer temperature


Average winter temperature


Average № of clear days per year

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Uzbekistan has a free public healthcare system and a booming private sector. There are more than 100 private medical centers in Tashkent (including AKFA MEDLINE, Shox International Hospital, HOREV medical center, and others). 

Free treatment is available to people who tested positively for COVID-19, regardless of citizenship. The two treatment options are the reception centers (which provide medical help for free) or private clinics.  

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Sick leave compensation at 60% remuneration rate starting from day 1 for general illnesses. 4 paid sick leave days per year without a medical certificate.



Public kindergartens are free for local residents and residence permit holders. There are kindergarten programs and groups for Russian-speaking kids.

The minimal monthly fee for a private kindergarten is USD 200.


Public schools are free for local residents and residence permit holders. There are over 9,000 primary and secondary schools (140 of which are private). Uzbekistan public and private schools run special programs, providing opportunities for Russian-based or bilingual education.

The minimal monthly fee for a private school is USD 300.

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Consultation from IT Park on placing a child into an educational institution: kindergarten, school, or university.

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Top cities for relocation

Key facts

Tashkent is the capital of Uzbekistan and one of the largest cities in the CIS. The city has a rectangular structure formed by straight, wide streets and avenues with many green areas: parks, squares, gardens, and fountains.

2.76 mln



Quality of Life Index


Safety Index


Crime Index


Pollution Index


Health Care Index

Cost of living

Monthly expenses estimate

Single person (rent excluded)

$ 429.86

Family of four (rent excluded)

$ 1,566.58


Monthly food expenses per person (average)

$ 154.18

Rental cost per month

Apartment in the city center (1 bedroom)

$ 423.69

Apartment in the city center (3 bedrooms)

$ 804.62

Utilities (monthly)

Basic (electricity, heating, cooling, water, garbage) for 85m2 apartment

$ 34.90


$ 20.05


Preschool or kindergarten (private, full-day, per child per month)

$ 203.10

International primary school (per child per year)

$ 6,140.48


Meal, inexpensive restaurant

$ 5.00

Meal for 2 people, mid-range restaurant, three-course

$ 30.00


One-way ticket (local transport)

$ 0.13

Monthly pass (regular price)

$ 14.09

Taxi 1km (normal tariff)

$ 0.20

Gasoline (1 liter)

$ 0.88

Relocate Uzbekistan TashkentRelocate Uzbekistan Tashkent


Tashkent has three main transportation systems: an underground metro system, buses (or microbuses), and taxi. The underground is fairly clean, affordable and safe. 


The climate is arid continental. The summers are hot and dry, with little or no clouds, and the winters are very cold, snowy, with many cloudy days.

Tashkent is located at 1,300 feet (400 meters) above sea level with a mountain range from to the south of the city. From these mountains, a dry down-slope wind can blow throughout the year, sometimes raising the temperature by several degrees.


Average summer temperature


Average winter temperature


Average № of clear days per year

What location fits you best?

Analyze a selection of cities to see differences in living standards, costs, taxes, and more.

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