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Два человека в рубашках сидят за столом с открытыми ноутбуками и пишут карандашами в блокноте. На столе также лежат две ручки.


Do you want to become a better ally to your superpowered multilingual colleagues and learn to speak English more inclusively? Executive speech coach and professor Dr. Peter Novak guides you through practices to create a more accepting and welcoming workplace, especially for non-native speakers. Learn about accent bias and how to overcome it. Explore ways to practice cultural humility and cultural intelligence. Find out why it’s important to ask questions clearly and reduce idioms and jargon. Go over ways to replace phrasal verbs with clearer alternatives, and discover ways language shapes culture, and vice versa. Enhance your communication skills and your professional relationships by practicing a more intentional communication practice.

Note: This course was created by the Strictly Speaking Group. We are pleased to host this training in our library.

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Supporting non-native English speakers at work
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  • Peter Novak
    Founder and principal at the Strictly Speaking Group
    As a professor, stage director, and classically trained actor, he empowers the voices of aspiring leaders and executives to share their stories to the world through large-scale virtual and in-person events. He helps clients deliver their most powerful story with clarity and confidence.
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