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8 useful sources for learning JavaScript

What books should a novice JavaScript developer read? What sites should you visit regularly to update your knowledge? For the Anywhere Club blog, Artsiom Aliakseyenka, hands-on tech lead with 10+ years in software development, shares his suggestions below.

JavaScript: The Good Parts by Douglas Crockford

In my opinion this is a classic book. It is not that big compared to The Definitive Guide by Flanagan, but it is complete and provides all of the required knowledge about JavaScript. This is not suited for a complete newbie, but it’s ideal for someone who understands what programming is and wants to learn JavaScript and become a JavaScript developer.

One of the best tutorials for beginners. It includes a language guide with a complete description of each component. It provides a guide to JavaScript work in a browser, DOM api.

High Performance Browser Networking by Ilya Grigorik 

Offers great insights for building performant web applications. A must-read for a software developer. Even if you know how web communication works, you will still find a number of interesting facts and suggestions on how to improve your app. — learning paths provided by Google

The information is helpfully structured by topics, so it is easy to navigate and study. Since Google is one of the main drivers of the web, it’s worth learning about what it provides.

MDN acts as an API reference for all JavaScript developers. It doesn't provide learning paths, but it’s a great tool to learn any specific API you are trying to use. It provides both theory and examples. — RSS feed 

This is a newsletter of JavaScript articles. Subscribe to be up to date with the latest trends and news. — How browsers work

This is a pretty old article, but not a lot has changed since it was written. It provides an excellent explanation of how a browser process HTML web pages, and how rendering is done (this is one of the main questions in interviews for JavaScript positions). 

Designing Data-Intensive Applications by Martin Kleppmann 

Not related to JavaScript, but IMO a great book for learning how to work with data. It describes the principles of distributed data systems. This book might be more interesting for people who want to be a full-stack developer.

You can learn more about JavaScript in IT Beard Shorts issue on the Anywhere Club YouTube channel.

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