work06 Jul 2022

How to avoid burnout and stay productive in 2022

Multitasking, proactivity, and curiosity – generally, these are the qualities of a successful employee. How can you avoid burning out and stay productive and on track in your pursuit of self-improvement? Business analyst Yuliya Kryvuseva has some tips for you

An 8-month journey to Front-End

Vadim Khlystun took courses for six months and received an offer two months later. The Front-End Developer moved from Belarus to the USA, continues to grow in the profession, and today tells his story of getting into IT especially for the Anywhere Club blog


6 stereotypes about life in Hungary

Renting an apartment is expensive, without the Hungarian language there is no way, gourmets will get bored — those who haven’t lived in Hungary may think about the country this way. Vladislav Kozlov, an IT specialist and experienced relocator, refutes these concerns specifically for our Anywhere Club blog


“I had a high standard of living, and now I have to start everything over from scratch”: the psychological trauma of emigrants

Psychologist Galina Bobko discussed the feelings and experiences that relocators may face and how to prepare yourself to survive them exclusively for the Anywhere Club blog


How to Support Someone Who Is Stressed

Psychologist Oleg Smagin on communication rules with people you want to support. Exclusively for the Anywhere Club blog


A Plastic Pathfinder, a Full-time Gamer, an Exclusive Makeup Artist — What Are Some of the Unusual Jobs in IT?


What Is a Vocation, and Does It Exist in 2022?

Career development mentor Amina Idigova told us what the profession consists of today, why the career ladder began to be called a lattice, and also revealed the secret of success especially for the Anywhere Club blog.


"You Can Have a Gastronomic Tour Every Day if You Want": Living in Serbia — Pros and Cons

What to say at the border about your Visa Run, why it is profitable to move with your dog, and why you need to download Viber back — tells Natalia Simdianova, Head of the monetization department of ZiMAD game company, especially for the Anywhere Club blog.