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Elevate your English proficiency to participate in international projects and seamlessly follow the latest trends in the field of technology.

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Take a 15-minute test that will grade your English proficiency on a scale from A1 to C1.

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The questions adapt to your level as you progress through the test.

Why boost your IT English?
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01Global communicationCollaborate with professionals worldwide, access international resources, and participate in global tech communities.
02Industry documentationRead and contribute to technical documents, manuals, and research papers published in English.
03Career advancementDon’t miss out on opportunities for international job placements, certifications, and access to diverse tech projects.
04Innovation and trendsStay informed of the latest tech innovations and trends; read articles, attend webinars, and participate in discussions.
Personal stories of IT professionals
  • aliaksei-kartynnik-square-2x.webp
    As soon as I joined an outsourcing company, I realized a project with an English-speaking client was on the horizon in just 3 months. My English needed an urgent boost. The combination of intensive courses and my personal drive helped me. Over time, I found out English-speaking people aren’t as mysterious and complex as in the movies. Now, I can handle work discussions and engage with English content without any difficulty.Aliaksei KartynnikAnywhere Club community leader
  • xiao-meng-square-2x.webp
    In 2015, I had a working experience in New Zealand. When I arrived there, I was shocked: English conversation was so different from textbooks. At first, I had to work on my own to understand every word and job requirement. But gradually I got better and could even watch most of the movies without Chinese subtitles. When I went back to China, English knowledge allowed me to land a job in a global company. I can now complete professional courses in English, present my ideas to clients, read English articles about changes in my industry; in short, English learning is a life-long course of mine now.Xiao MengSoftware Engineer, Data Science
  • viktar-shalenchanka-square-2x.webp
    At my very first meeting with colleagues from Europe, I discovered I couldn't understand almost anything they were saying, even though I had some knowledge of English. I had to ask a surprised project manager to be my translator. I needed to solve this problem. The most effective approach turned out to be taking lessons with a tutor and re-watching my favorite series in English. Even if you don’t have meetings with English-speaking clients, project documentation, relevant professional books, and educational content are all in English. Viktar ShalenchankaAnywhere Club community leader
  • carolina-sanchez-square-2x.webp
    I have studied English since I was a child, but until the beginning of my professional career I didn’t realize that English is a must for an IT specialist to communicate with anyone around the world. This year I attended an English course to raise my English level. We practiced conversations between students/colleagues, strengthened our knowledge of tenses by using learning applications, and learned how to apply some English idioms. In my personal opinion, I would totally recommend for every IT specialist to learn English, as it is a language that can give you the opportunity to expand your network and be able to work with people all over the world.Carolina SanchezTalent Acquisition Operations Specialist
  • alexander-gabdrafikov-square-2x.webp
    English language is a must-have skill. There is a lot of translated information, but basically all the new developments taking place in the IT world are in English. To stay up to date and access new content, you need to know English at least at the reading level.Alexander GabdrafikovLead Software Engineer
  • nanuka-chavchanidze-square-2x.webp
    From the very beginning of my career — as a psychologist at first, and later as an HR manager — I understood that if I want to stay up to date with trends in my field, English is essential. I had some English from school, but I continued improving my level by reading professional literature and watching movies in English. Now I can work with technical literature and project documents, communicate with clients and colleagues globally, and keep up to date with the latest technological advancements, which significantly enhances my career progression and opportunities.Nanuka ChavchanidzeLead People Advisory Specialist
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