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Career Bootcamp

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Kick-start your career with our experts:
perfect your CV and interview skills to land your dream job

Our program is designed to help tech specialists stand out in today’s competitive job market and get the job they’ve always wanted.
What to expect from the program?
Three men are sitting at a desk in an open office. There is a laptop and a keyboard on the desk. There are other people in the office in the background.
01Strategies to perform well in technical interviews
02Best practices for successful general interviews
03Expert advice on maximizing the effectiveness of your CV
04Unlimited access to program materials
05Tips and guides for employment preparation
Who can benefit from the program? 
  • cb-testers-1.5x.png
    QA/QС, software testing, and test automation engineers
  • cb-developers-1.5x.png
    Front-end and back-end engineers
  • cb-BAs-1.5x.png
    Business analysts
    Just business analysts — there is nothing to add
  • cb-designers-1.5x.png
    UX/UI, graphic, and web designers
How is the learning path structured?The free, self-paced course offers self-study materials, tasks for self-review, and pre-recorded lectures.
01CV creation 4 hours 

Learning objectives

Part 1 offers valuable insights on creating a compelling CV and LinkedIn profile.

In this part, you will:

  • Learn how to compose a CV and create a LinkedIn profile that attracts recruiters. If you’re a designer, you’ll also get valuable tips on building a strong portfolio. 
  • Discover best practices for resume building and job searching in our pre-recorded lecture with a recruiter.
  • Compose your CV following the techniques outlined in our study materials.
02Interview preparation8.5 hours

Learning objectives

Part 2 of the program is dedicated to developing your interview skills.

In this part, you will:

  • Learn communication strategies for dealing with interviewers. 
  • Get tips from a talent acquisition expert on how to complete general, technical, and customer interviews successfully.
03Typical workday2.5 hours 

Learning objectives

Part 3 is dedicated to improving your negotiation skills. You will also learn about a day in the life of a tech specialist.

In this part, you will:

  • Deepen your understanding of the principles, techniques, and best practices for successful negotiations.
  • Learn about the typical day of a tech expert in your chosen profession.

Preview the video lectures featured in the program 

Get a taste of what Career Bootcamp has to offer.

Bootcamp experts The expert team of Career Bootcamp consists of enthusiastic and dedicated professionals who are eager to share their knowledge.
  • Irina Goltsevalinkedin.svg
    Senior Software Testing Engineer 
    A passionate functional tester who has worked in various domains for over 5 years — medical services, e-commerce, banking, and science.
  • Pavel Chychyn
    Lead Software Engineer
    A proficient front-end developer and part of the FrontSpot community team who actively participates in level assessments and technical interviews. 
  • Tatiana Petrovskaialinkedin.svg
    Senior Business Analyst
    An experienced business analyst, certified technical interviewer, and level assessment expert who has made the move from a junior specialist to a team leader in 4 years.
  • Andrei Martinovichlinkedin.svg
    Principal Experience Designer
    A self-developed designer, community expert, and team leader who plays a significant role in talent acquisition, technical interviews, and level assessments.
  • Aliaksandr Yazepchyklinkedin.svg
    Senior Recruiter
    An expert staffing specialist with 6 years of experience who is engaged in talent acquisition in 5 countries: Georgia, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan.
Article from the Career Bootcamp creator 
What Is Bootcamp: How Does This Training Work and for Whom Is It Suitable?On the eve of the launch of our Career Bootcamp, we offer insights into the effectiveness of this popular educational format.
Alumni reviews 
  • yulia-skopintseva-1.5x.png
    Let me thank each and every one who organized this wonderful course! You are awesome, guys! You did it perfectly! I enjoyed every moment of this training. It helped me to feel more comfortable and relaxed. I am not afraid of interviews anymore. All materials and tips that you gave us were useful and priceless. Keep going and help people find their ways in their career paths. I wish you all the best of the best!Yulia SkopintsevaQA Engineer
  • yulia-reshetniak-1.5x.png
    Once again, thank you all for this wonderful experience! I see how much time is spent, how carefully everything is performed, this must cost a lot. Especially I was happy to get feedback. Thank you for your effort! This was amazing!Yulia ReshetniakDesigner
  • snezhana-lukina-1.5x.png
    The completed course is incredibly effective! The information provided in the course is of very high quality and well organized. Video materials are easily perceived, and many practical tasks reinforce the information just received. The meetings went great. Two home tasks are insanely useful!Snezhana LukinaQA Engineer
How much does it cost?
Self-paced course
FreeTry Career Bootcamp for free to see if you’d like to unlock more features.
Comprehensive self-study materialsTasks with self-reviewAccess to pre-recorded lectures from our expertsExpert tips for employment preparation 
Frequently asked questionsExplore the list of questions about the program gathered from applicants.
Will Career Bootcamp help me improve my tech skills?
What are the requirements for joining Career Bootcamp?
Will Career Bootcamp assist me with my job search?
How long will I have access to course materials?
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If you have questions, email us at CareerBootcamp@aw.club or call us at +995 (511) 140-096.