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What does a data analyst do?

In this data analyst overview, we explore the role of a specialist who processes large amounts of raw digital data to identify recurring patterns and trends. These insights can then guide the business in adjusting its development strategy. This role requires fundamental knowledge of analytics, computer modeling, mathematics, SQL, logical data models, and databases. Additionally, a data analyst needs to understand the industry and business they are analyzing to provide relevant insights. The position serves as an excellent stepping stone to more senior roles, such as that of a data architect.

The key responsibilities of a data analyst include:

  • Collecting and studying data to gather important insights.
  • Creating and managing databases to effectively store and organize data.
  • Generating reports and presenting findings to management and stakeholders.
  • Regularly reviewing and improving analytics processes, methods, and tools to increase efficiency, accuracy, and security.
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Key qualities of an effective data analyst
checkmarkAnalytical thinking

Knack for comparing facts and finding connections between data events.

checkmarkEffective communication

Ability to translate complex conceptions into comprehensible language.

checkmarkMath skills

Applied knowledge of mathematical analysis and statistics for identifying patterns and anomalies and constructing forecasts.

checkmarkAttention to details

Capacity to work with a large amount of information and carefully check all calculations and conclusions.

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