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Project Interviews in English

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Boost your English communication skills to ace your next tech interview

Elevate your English proficiency, master interview strategies, and learn how to navigate challenging questions to secure your dream role.
About the course

This course is designed for tech specialists who are preparing for project or customer interviews in English. It is recommended for individuals with English proficiency levels A2+, B1, and B1+.

Participants learn crucial interview strategies and language for effective communication during the interview. They also practice answering typical interview questions through video assignments.

The estimated duration of the course is approximately 8 hours and is structured as follows:

  • Tasks with self-review: 1 hour
  • Six lessons: 1 hour each (totaling 6 hours)
  • Midterm test: 30 minutes
  • Progress test: 30 minutes

To successfully complete the course, participants must finish at least 70% of the course tasks.

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Prepare for interviews in English
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01Gain a competitive edgeLearn essential communication strategies and language skills to stand out from the competition.
02Establish rapportOvercome communication obstacles to ensure smooth interactions during interviews.
03Boost confidence levelsDevelop the confidence to effectively answer interview questions in English and articulate your skills and work experience with ease.
04Structure your responsesCommunicate your answers in a structured manner to showcase your professionalism and clarity of thought.
05Use strategic questioningDemonstrate your understanding and interest in the project.
06Improve your pronunciationEnhance your pronunciation of tech terms for clearer communication.
Study planSee the topics covered in the course.
Getting started
Self-paced: Lesson 1. Interview tips
Self-paced: Lesson 2. Tell me about yourself
Self-paced: Lesson 3. Dealing with communication issues
Midterm test
Self-paced: Lesson 4. Answering questions the right way
Self-paced: Lesson 5. STAR framework
Self-paced: Lesson 6. Questions to the interviewer
Progress test
Course authors
  • tatsiana-bayarchuk.webp
    Tatsiana BayarchukSenior Language Trainer
  • nadezhda-vartanyan.webp
    Nadezhda VartanyanSenior Language Trainer
  • katsiaryna-sidarenka.webp
    Katsiaryna SidarenkaLead Language Trainer
Course reviews

With an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars, the course has helped over 1800 tech specialists enhance their interview performance.

How much does it cost? Anywhere Club members can access the course free of charge.
Project Interviews in English
Confidently answer interview questions in EnglishProvide structured responses to questions Successfully handle communication challengesAsk insightful questions during the interviewImprove the pronunciation of tech terms
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