EngX HI: Navigating Team Dynamics
Enhance team performance, build solid relationships, and create a supportive work environment through practical and scientifically backed strategies.
Skills covered
Teamwork and Collaboration
Creating Team Climate
Being a Team Player


Take the first step towards seamless team dynamics
Request a free team analysis, aimed at identifying your team's current developmental stage and potential growth areas.
  • 120%
    return on investment of time
  • 15%
    decrease in burnout scores
  • 23%
    lower attrition rate
  • 3–4%
    cost reduction
Improve team dynamics to achieve better business results
checkmarkBoost engagement & performance

Drive motivation levels, improve decision-making abilities, and optimize overall team performance.

checkmarkOptimize remote management

Gain the skills to manage remote or distributed team members and boost team morale and engagement.

checkmarkReduce stress of the unknown

Learn how to manage uncertainty and transform it into opportunities for growth and innovation.

checkmarkEstablish efficient processes

Equip your team with tools and techniques to design a framework that optimizes your team's operations.

checkmarkImprove communication

Break down communication barriers and ensure consistent, clear interactions within your team.

checkmarkPromote collaboration

Learn to coordinate cross-functional collaboration and handle project scope changes and shifting deadlines.

What’s under the hood of the EngX HI course
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Extensive data research
Comprehensive analysis of attrition and burnout within EPAM over the last four years.
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Years of experimentation
Two years of deep learning and experimentation with EPAM teams as well as client teams.
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Multidisciplinary team
Collaboration of psychologists, communications specialists, and managers.
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Tuckman's model
A renowned model of team development phases, offering a roadmap to high performance.
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Scientific basis
Multiple scientific papers on group dynamics, burnout, psychological safety.
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Industry insights
Comprehensive studies by leading firms like Gartner, McKinsey, and Microsoft.
Learn more about the Tuckman’s modelEngX HI uses Tuckman's four-step model to expedite your team's journey to peak productivity, no matter the starting point.
  • engx-hi-forming.webp
    1. Forming phase
    • During this initial stage, team members are brought together.
    • They learn about each other and the project at hand.
    • Each person tries to understand their role, the project's scope, and how they fit into the team dynamics.
    • Communication is usually polite and somewhat guarded as team members try to assess the environment.
  • engx-hi-storming.webp
    2. Storming phase
    • This is a period of potential conflict.
    • As team members begin to express their individual views on how tasks should be accomplished, disagreements may arise.
    • People may clash over control, decision-making, resources, or approaches to the project.
    • This phase is crucial for development, as it establishes the foundation for open communication.
  • engx-hi-norming.webp
    3. Norming phase
    • The team begins to resolve conflicts and differences and learns to work together.
    • They agree on rules, values, and behavior.
    • A strong sense of team spirit and camaraderie develops.
    • At this stage, there is a significant increase in team productivity as individuals start to understand each other's strengths and weaknesses.
  • engx-hi-performing.webp
    4. Performing phase
    • At this stage, the team is fully operational and is working towards achieving their common goal.
    • The roles and expectations of each member are clear, their relationships are strong, and the team is highly efficient.
    • Problems are solved quickly and effectively, often without causing any disruptions to the overall progress.
How does it work?Follow the steps to elevate your team's dynamics, cultivate development, and boost overall performance.
01Request an assessmentSubmit the form to receive the link to our comprehensive survey.
02Take the surveyConduct a survey among your team members to gather valuable insights and identify your team's current stage of development, helping to select effective solutions.
03Get a detailed analysisOnce the survey is completed, you'll receive an in-depth report along with a customized solution to meet your team's needs.
04Sign up for the programEnroll your team in our paid program to enhance team dynamics and optimize performance.
05Begin EngX HI sessionsThe sessions are conducted in a relaxed, inclusive, and structured manner, focusing on fun and team development, and require only attendance from participants, with no homework or tests involved.
06Track progressMonitor your team's advancement with detailed reports prepared upon request.
07Assess and analyze resultsConduct a post-assessment to measure the program's impact and receive a detailed analysis of how your team's dynamics have improved.
Program plan
  • 5 modules
  • 84 activities
  • 30 hours
1Guide for hosts
  • 12 activities
  • 1 quiz
  • 36 min
file-text-20.svgIntroduction and instructions for hosts

2 min

Type_Quiz.svgTest questions
2Forming phase
  • 18 activities
  • 9 h
3Storming phase
  • 18 activities
  • 9 h
4Norming phase
  • 18 activities
  • 9 h
5Performing phase
  • 18 activities
  • 9 h
Meet the EngX HI team
  • Ioann Krasnykhlinkedin.svg
    Project Manager
    An experienced project manager and certified Scrum practitioner with diverse product development experience and expertise in leading global teams.
  • Daryna Kucher
    Senior Project Administrator
    HRCI accredited IT professional with expertise in communication, brand management, product development, and community building with a strong background in philology and psychology.
  • Andrii Legenkyilinkedin.svg
    Product Manager
    A product manager at EngX, specializing in identifying business problems, conducting thorough market research, and developing successful financial plans.
  • Lizaveta Shmarava
    Senior Project Administrator
    A certified Gestalt therapist with degrees in mathematics and psychology, extensive IT experience, and successful private practice.
Take the first step towards seamless team dynamics
Request a free team analysis, aimed at identifying your team's current developmental stage and potential growth areas.
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