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Complete a test based on psychology and neurobiology.

  • 15 minutes to completeGive yourself more time if you need it.
  • 75 pairs of statementsChoose which option resonates with you best.
  • No right or wrong answersEvery answer is fine; just be honest with yourself.
  • Personal psychological profileThe test results show your behavior patterns and character traits.
  • Career adviceDetermine the best IT paths for you. Discover areas of personal growth to become a top specialist.

Why does it work?

The test is developed by corporate psychologists and backed up by science. The test is based on the theory of leading trends by L. Sobchik, the work “On Purposeful Systems” by R. Ackoff and F. Emery, a theory of interpersonal relations by W. Schutz, the Behavioral Script Profiling System, the S.APP.FIR method from Brain Lab, and various studies on congenital and acquired features of the brain.

Test result sample

Marvel at what science can do.