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Did you know we also host a Discord server? We do.

In there, we hold casual conversations, share professional insights and post information about upcoming events. The server is mostly run in Russian, but there are English-speaking rooms, too.

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We are happy to see you any time. Jump in to connect with the members of Anywhere Club, join events and stay informed of what is happening in IT.

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Calendar of Community Events

Here is a list of all Anywhere Club events in your local time zone. Register for an event and receive a notification from Discord when the event starts or add it to your calendar.

Are you multilingual? Select the languages you speak and we will show events accordingly:


No upcoming events in this language. But we will launch something soon!

Check Out We Are Community

In addition to Discord, take a look at partner community choices from We Are Community. Here, eager IT professionals come together to share their knowledge, skills, and passions through a network of occupational communities.

IT Events from our Partners

All the events from We Are Community are free and most of them are online. Enter at any level and listen to talks from experts or even do the talking yourself: with enough experience, you can become a speaker or host your own community.

If you register for an event, you will receive a notification and will be able to add it to your Calendar.