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If you do business analysis work and want to see not only what the key deliverables are but also how to deliver them, then this course is for you. This technology-agnostic course employs different technologies to show you how to set up and deliver key business analysis artifacts. Instructor Jamie Champagne highlights traceability as she through the setup and usage of a requirements traceability matrix. Jamie demonstrates how to model processes by showing you the natural evolution of the degree of detail that happens with business analysis work. Plus, she explains the power of context diagrams with both basic and detailed data flow diagrams to define and capture the requirements done in business analysis work.

Plan de estudios Revisa los temas tratados en el curso.
Introduction to business analysis techniques
Requirements traceability matrix
Process modeling
Context diagrams
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  • Jamie Champagne
    Business analysis professional, speaker, and trainer
    An accomplished professional with a strong background in business analysis, project management, process improvement, and knowledge management. She embodies business analysis and adds value to those around her every day.
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