Everything you should know about

Anywhere Club Discord server

Creating a Discord Account

If you are new to Discord, follow the text instruction to create your account or see these steps explained in our video tutorial.

Step 1. Go to Discord official website

If you want to use Discord in another language, scroll down to the bottom of the page and choose the language you prefer.

Go to Discord website

Step 2. Click Login

In the top-right corner of the page, click Login.

FAQ LoginFAQ Login

Step 3. Click Register

In the next window, you will see an invitation to enter your credentials – but you don’t have any yet. Instead, just click Register below the login form.

FAQ RegisterFAQ Register

Step 4. Complete the registration form

Enter your registration details and click Continue. You will receive an email to your mailbox with a request to verify your account.

FAQ Create accountFAQ Create account

Step 5. Download a PC or Mac version of Discord

Sure, you can open Discord in your browser, but it’s much less fun. So, we recommend downloading a desktop version: just go to Discord home page and click Download for Windows/Mac.

FAQ DownloadFAQ Download

Step 6. Run a desktop version of Discord

You will be asked to sign in again – but only for the first time. After that, Discord will remember you have an account and will run without any more sign-in notifications.

You’re all set now!

Join Anywhere Club Server

When you run Discord for the first time, your server list is going to be empty by default. But adding new servers is really easy! Here are text and video guides to joining Anywhere Club server in Discord.

Step 1. Click on an invitation link

Here is one for Anywhere Club community:

Join us in Disсord

Step 2. Confirm joining

You will see a confirmation window. Click Join Anywhere Club to complete the process.

FAQ JoinFAQ Join

Yay, you are on our Discord server now!

Anywhere Club Server Overview

Once you join Anywhere Club server in Discord, you will see many rooms where you can communicate with other club members, ask questions and participate in events. For your convenience, we have created an overview of all our rooms and channels:

How to get a Club Member role on Anywhere Club Discord server

A Club Member role is a special title for Anywhere Club members on our Discord server. All Discord participants with club member roles are invited into a special channel with exclusive talks and content pieces.

Here is how to get a Club Member role on Anywhere Club Discord server:

Step 1. Log in to your Anywhere Club account

If you don’t have an account yet, create one – you need to be a member in order to get a Club Member role in Discord.

Create Anywhere Club account

Step 2. Copy your Discord key

Copy your Discord key from below:


Tip: Once generated, your key doesn’t change. You can always find it here.

Step 3. Go to the Discord server

Here is the link to Anywhere Club Discord server.

Tip: If you are not registered on the platform yet, see how to create a Discord account.

Step 4. Check privacy settings

Make sure Anywhere Club bot can hear you, complete your request and report back. Click on the server name in the upper-left corner, choose Privacy Settings and toggle on Allow direct messages from server members.

Club bots are faithful server assistants: they won’t bother you for no reason.

Step 5. Start a chat with Club Master bot

On the left, find a Discord bot called Club Master, right-click on it and start a private conversation by clicking Message.

FAQ MessageFAQ Message

Step 6. Feed your Discord key to the bot

In a private dialogue window, insert your Discord key into text field and send it to Club Master as a message (Ctrl+V -> Enter).

FAQ CardFAQ Card

Step 8. Profit!

You have been assigned a Club Member role on our Discord server.