Discover Anywhere Club Discord server

Creating a Discord account

If you are new to Discord, check out the registration guide.

Step 1. Go to Discord official website

To use Discord in another language, use a switcher at the bottom of the page.

Step 2. Click Login

In the top-right corner of the page, click Login.

FAQ LoginFAQ Login

Step 3. Click Register

In the next window, you will see an invitation to enter your credentials. Click Register below the login form.

FAQ RegisterFAQ Register

Step 4. Complete the registration form

Enter your details and click Continue. You will receive a verification email.

FAQ Create accountFAQ Create account

Step 5. Download a Windows or Mac version of Discord

Go to Discord home page and click Download for Windows/Mac. A web version is also available.

FAQ DownloadFAQ Download

Step 6. Run Discord

Enter your login and password. After that, Discord will log you in automatically.

You’re all set now!

Joining Anywhere Club server

Upon first Discord launch, your server list is empty by default. Here is how to add new servers.

Step 1. Click on an invitation link

Here is one for Anywhere Club community:

Step 2. Confirm joining

In a confirmation window, click Join Anywhere Club.

FAQ JoinFAQ Join

Yay, you are on the Anywhere Club Discord server now.