Responsible AI: A Trustworthy Technology for Building Symbiotic Systems

Dr. Martin Lopatka, Managing Principal, Data Analytics Consulting at EPAM, gave a presentation at EPAM’s annual event — Learning Week 2023. Anywhere Club is now making the video* of Martin’s presentation available to registered members of the Club.

Today, there's a great demand for AI technologies in various fields — from manufacturing to agriculture, and everything in between. To avoid potential undesired consequences of AI adoption, a standardized risk assessment approach is needed. Complimenting that, the development of intentional design principles can help set the direction for AI/human engagement that aligns with our shared values. Adopting a Responsible AI framework is one way to balance the need to manage risk and pursue opportunities when developing and deploying AI systems.

This video is only available to Anywhere Club members
*The following was recorded at an EPAM Systems, Inc. event and contains information which, at the time of its presentation, was confidential. EPAM Systems, Inc. is the sole owner of this video and its contents, including, without limitation, any presentations or information presented. This video contains proprietary information and is being delivered to you for the specific purpose, and subject to the terms and conditions, as agreed between you and EPAM Systems, Inc. This video is protected under the copyright laws of the United States and other countries, and any unauthorized duplication, distribution or exhibition of this video or its contents may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution.
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