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Business Analyst

A Business Analyst is the link between the customer and the team who translates stakeholder requirements into the language of developers. The work of a Business Analyst is vital for the project’s success. It used to be a common belief that only people with IT background can succeed in this popular “non-tech” IT specialization. However, nothing is impossible if you are eager to learn and have the right people to teach you.

Choose business analysis if you:

  • Have a problem-solving mindset and an ability to extract, analyse, optimize and visualize business processes
  • Have business experience in the chosen industry: it will help you understand the project details, professional terms and client expectations
  • Are patient and persistent
  • Are empathetic and able to maintain productive communication with various types of stakeholders
  • Are motivated to develop your tech skills: it helps to understand how a software product works and how the client’s requirements can be fulfilled

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