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DevOps engineer

DevOps is a culture of software development. The term DevOps engineer really means a system engineer with enough DevOps skill. The goal of a DevOps engineer is to automate and optimize the product development cycle. In other words, they make it effective, stable, and secure, while maintaining a high quality of the end product. For this, they need extensive knowledge of software development and testing, system administration, and cloud technologies. Also, system engineers often create code for process automation and product delivery themselves.

On the social side, a system engineer must be able to find common ground with different specialists on the team, such as developers, testers, and managers, and to communicate with representatives of the client’s company. Overall, this job strikes the right balance between having to communicate a lot and performing complex technical tasks.

Choose DevOps engineering if you:

  • Understand the fundamentals of application development and delivery.
  • Are ready to build new skills on top of your current IT experience.
  • Enjoy working with both technology and people.
  • Are interested in supporting the development team and automating development.

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