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Test automation engineer

A test automation engineer uses automated tools and frameworks to check the quality of the product. They are focused on two main tasks. Firstly, they create algorithms to test the code created by developers, including cases when manual testing is not possible. Secondly, they optimize routine processes, which allows them to free some time for non-standard and high-priority tasks. Thanks to test automation, the release cycle is shortened, and the product reaches the end user sooner, which is beneficial for business. In this way, test automation helps the team gain a competitive advantage. Manual and automation testers complement each other and make the testing process faster, more efficient, and more comprehensive.

Choose software test automation if you:

  • Are detail-oriented, creative, and easily adaptable.
  • Would like to get a level-up after manual software testing.
  • Are beginning to learn programming languages and frameworks.
  • Are a bit lazy: then the ingenuity of routine work automation increases significantly.

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