Software Engineering Job Interview — Middle JavaScript Frontend Position

Anywhere Club community leaders about the new video:

— In this episode, sit back and watch a JavaScript Frontend engineer undertake a job interview! Listen in to see how our candidate Aliaksei Deboi gets stuck into answering questions, demonstrates his coding expertise through a coding challenge, and gains great insight into how he works through the interview questions from our interviewer Viktor Soroka. Covered in this episode, Aliaksei answers questions from a real interview and writes a program to find special strings called "palindromes" with each step explained as he writes the code, making it easy for you to follow along. Toward the end of the session, both our interviewer and interviewee share their honest thoughts on how the interview went, including areas they feel could have been elaborated on, there's also a recommendation from our Anywhere Club community leader, Chris Howard, on good interview practice. Watching this episode is a fantastic opportunity to see how a technical job interview works, so do not miss out.


0:00 - Teaser 

0:32  - Opener  

3:14 - Interview Agenda 

7:05 - Hard Skills interview 

36:13 - Soft Skills interview 

44:47 - Coding task 

55:57 Feedback session 

58:23 - Interview feedback from the interviewer 

1:01:41 - Closer