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  • Designer in IT: UX/UI Designer / In Simple Words about UX/UI Designer / IT's me #2 [ENG subs]
  • Frontend in IT: Frontend Software Engineer / In simple words about Frontend / IT’s me #1 [ENG subs]
  • How to learn Java. Java Software Engineer Alexey Konahav [ENG subs]
  • How to learn JavaScript. Chief Software Engineer Artem Alexejenko [ENG subs]
  • How to learn Python. Lead Software Engineer Yuri Zaitsev [ENG subs]
  • How to learn Data Science. Senior Data Scientist Maria Ivanina [ENG subs]
  • How to become an Android Developer. Chief Software Engineer Artem Bagritsevich [ENG subs]
  • How to Become a DevOps Engineer. Senior Developer Advocate Victor Vedmich [ENG subs]

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