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Diplomatic English

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Diplomatic English course picture: two people shake hands

Unlock the secrets to effective business communication

Learn how to clearly convey your message while maintaining a respectful tone.
About the course

Diplomatic English is an online course designed to help you interact tactfully and avoid misunderstandings caused by sounding too direct.

Throughout the course, you will:

  • Watch short video lectures.
  • Complete tasks to enhance your comprehension.
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Boost your professional image and build strong connections
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01Sound polite in a business contextMaster diplomatic vocabulary and grammar.
02Use strategies for effective communicationSay no politely and navigate challenging conversations with diplomacy.
03Avoid common mistakes in business meetingsMinimize misunderstandings and prevent unnecessary conflicts.
04Strengthen professional relationshipsBuild trust and respect with colleagues and clients.
Study planSee the topics covered in the course.
Course overview
Lesson 1. Ways of sounding diplomatic
Lesson 2. Saying no politely
Lesson 3. Making meaning clear
Lesson 4. Typical mistakes in business meeting
Course authors
  • katsiaryna-sidarenka.webp
    Katsiaryna SidarenkaLead Language Trainer
  • expert-ina-martsinkevich.webp
    Ina MartsinkevichAssociate Manager, Language Training
  • expert-rachel-oryan.webp
    Rachel ORyanLanguage Trainer
  • expert-natallia-sedunova.webp
    Natallia SedunovaLead Language Trainer
  • expert-adrzej-zdan-michajlowicz.webp
    Andrzej Zdan-MichajlowiczChief Talent Development Specialist
Course reviews

The average rating of the course is 4.8 out of 5 stars.

How much does it cost?Anywhere Club members can access the course free of charge.
Diplomatic English
Express your thoughts clearlySay no gracefully Use diplomatic vocabulary and grammar to sound politeAvoid common mistakes in business communicationBuild stronger relationships with colleagues and clients
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