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EngX Code Review

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Elevate your code quality with EngX Code Review
Code review abstraction
01Perform self-evaluation Check your code review skills and pinpoint areas for growth.
02Expand your knowledge Obtain a broad understanding of the code review process.
03Put theory into action Apply the acquired knowledge to practical scenarios and strengthen your understanding of the topic.
04Bring advantages to all Maximize the benefits of your learning for yourself, your team, and stakeholders.
Looking for ways to establish an effective code review process?These steps will help you achieve the goal.
Step 1. Determine your code review proficiencyComplete a free EngX Skills Self-Evaluation questionnaire, which complements the course.

Why take this questionnaire?

In under 10 minutes, you will get an evaluation of your code review knowledge compared to other learners. This will help you identify areas for improvement and make your learning more goal-oriented.

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Step 2. Improve your code review skillsTake the EngX Code Review course to establish a successful code review process and deliver high-quality and cost-effective solutions.

Why take this course?

  • Understand the goals and benefits of the code review process 
  • Learn about common myths that hinder effective code review practices 
  • Mitigate project risks which arise from neglecting the code review process 
  • Learn how to provide constructive feedback and foster knowledge sharing 
  • Select optimal code review practices, processes, and tools

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Step 3. Enjoy the result Put the knowledge you acquired into practice and enjoy the benefits it brings to you, your team, and the project stakeholders.

Personal value

  • Acquire expertise in code review
  • Build confidence to take ownership of your work
  • Boost your problem-solving and analytical skills

Team value

  • Foster seamless collaboration among team members
  • Deliver high-quality code, reducing the risk of bugs and technical debt
  • Enhance the collective expertise and promote a culture of continuous learning

Stakeholder value

  • Realize how a thorough code review affects the speed of product development
  • Learn how to reduce the risk of costly errors
  • Discover how to work effectively with code and complete tasks on time
Study planSee the topics covered in the course.
Module 1. Code review fundamentals
Module 2. Setting up a review process
Module 3. Code review best practices
Course conclusion
About the learning processGet to know how studies are arranged on the EngX Code Review course.
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Real-life scenarios

Exercise your code review skills in situations that closely mirror real-life project scenarios.

User-friendly learning experience

Explore well-structured educational content on the accessible e-learning platform.

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Regular knowledge check

Consolidate the acquired knowledge with periodic assessments to build confidence in your code review skills.

Check your code review skills with EngX Skills Self-Evaluation for free

Complete a questionnaire and gain insight into your code review proficiency compared to other learners in less than 10 minutes.

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3 modulesSelf-check quizzes for each topic3 interactive scenarios: learn to solve real-life dev challengesSurvey: check if your code review knowledge improved after the course 6-months course access
Limited offer: join the course for free
Leave your contact details and be among the first 50 participants to get free access to the course.
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