20+ useful sources for learning Java

What to read, where to watch, and whom to subscribe to so you constantly have access to core Java knowledge. Alena Razhko, marketing coordinator, shares her picks.

marketing coordinator Alena Razhko

History of creation

— The language now known as Java was originally called “Oak,” named for the oak tree which grew near the Sun office. But its creators found out that this title had been already registered for some computing company. That’s why they renamed the language “Green” and ultimately “Java”. The language’s final name was based on a type of coffee. That’s the reason for the coffee cup as the logo.

Java is constantly being improved. One of the strongest points of the language is its compatibility between old and new code versions. Today, Java applications function on any device or OS: computer, smartphone, or even a Tesla car. A great number of companies of all sizes use this universal language. The fact that the language is widespread allows Java developers to easily find interesting jobs and to transition from one business to another if they wish.

Java is so popular today that there are many resources that you can find to study it. You can even argue that there are excessively many. Decided to study Java but got lost in the overwhelming number of materials recommended to novices? Then you’ve come to the right place: EPAM trainers have identified a bunch of useful links to help you.

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