Sony bans unauthorized use of its music for LLM training, falling in love with ChatGPT, and the llama3-from-scratch repository — the top 3 AI news items of the week

Our latest AI Digest covers the biggest breaking AI news of the week. Anywhere Club community leader, Viktar Shalenchanka, comments on key stories.

Anywhere Club community leader, Viktar Shalenchanka

#1 — Sony bans unauthorized use of its music for LLM training

This week has already featured new, fresh scandals in the AI world. Sony Music Group sent out letters to a whopping 700 GenAI companies and streaming platforms warning them not to use Sony’s content for model training without authorization. AI music startups, such as Suno and Udio, and a variety of tech companies received the letters. Sony is one of the largest rights owners in the music industry, and it threatened to sue anyone who uses its music for LLM training without permission. Currently, there is no legal mechanism to prove training activity, but that doesn't prevent Sony from threatening lawsuits.

#2 — You are now less likely to fall in love with ChatGPT

The second scandal is on a somewhat smaller scale. OpenAI switched off the Sky voiceover in its apps. The reason was not clearly explained, and there do not seem to be any plans to reintroduce the voice in the future. One possible reason for disabling this voice, according to the community, might be the potential emotional response to it. Allegedly, OpenAI fears that people might become too devoted to ChatGPT, or even fall in love with it. Confused? See the 2013 movie Her. Perhaps the real reason is more mundane. Sky's voice closely resembles the voice of actor Scarlett Johansson, who starred in the movie Her and was asked to voice the ChatGPT-40 model (she declined) — and it might attract a real-life lawsuit in the US.

#3 — Github repository llama3-from-scratch by naklecha

Finally, let's move from scandals to code. Thanks to Github user naklecha, it's now easier than ever for anyone to write their LLM akin to Llama 3. The "llama3-from-scratch" repository shares step-by-step instructions on writing your own model version. You'll still need to find datasets on your own, but it's definitely interesting and beneficial to see what's under the hood.

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