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15 Sources to Help You Learn More about Cultural Competency and Diversity

Yevheniia Prysiazhna, Lead Communications Specialist at EPAM, shares useful books and courses that can help you better understand the concepts of cultural competency and diversity.

Lead Communications Specialist, Yevheniia Prysiazhna

What are cultural competency and diversity?

Cultural competency and diversity are concepts that relate to understanding and valuing differences among individuals and groups. Understanding these terms is especially important for those who work in an international team and communicate with colleagues from all over the world.

Cultural competency refers to the ability to effectively interact with people from different cultures. It involves understanding, respecting, and appreciating the values, beliefs, customs, languages, and practices of diverse groups.

Diversity, according to Collins dictionary, “involves the deliberate inclusion in a group or activity of people who are, for example, of different races, genders, and religions.”

Cultural competency and diversity work together to foster inclusive and positive environments in which people from various backgrounds can effectively collaborate.

Here are some books and courses on this topic to help expand your knowledge.


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