8 reasons to move to Krakow

Beautiful cities, delicious food, and friendly people — EPAM business analyst Vardges Bokhyan told the Anywhere Club blog why he moved from Armenia to Krakow, Poland.

Vardges Bokhyan

Beautiful and green city

— Several years ago, I came to Krakow as a tourist and was very impressed. In my opinion, Krakow is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. After that trip, I did not forget my desire to live here. When the opportunity arose to come to Krakow for work, there was no hesitation or long reflections. So, five months ago, my family and I moved from Armenia to Poland.

Krakow is famous for its castles. The city is considered one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe — millions of tourists visit every year, but it is also very calm and clean. Krakow is a modern city, so people with any interests can live and work here. It is worth noting that in 2021, Krakow was named the best city in Europe for remote work.

There are also a lot of parks, all of which have a playground suitable for children of any age. It is very convenient for families with children.

Good people

— Another factor encouraging our move was the friendly attitude of the Poles. They are always ready to help. Coming here, you feel as though you are somewhere very familiar and already, in a sense, native. Moving always involves a new country with a different culture, traditions, and language. But as soon as you come here, you realize that the best thing about Poland is the Poles themselves.

Affordable prices

— The prices here are very reasonable. Sometimes, the cost of things like food or technology can even surprise you in a good way.

If you compare a standard grocery basket in Polish and Armenian supermarkets, it will become clear that food is much more expensive in Armenia. Half of a grocery basket in Armenia will cost the same as a whole basket in Poland.

In addition to food, tech equipment in Armenia is sometimes two or even three times more expensive than it is in Poland.

Generally, I have been very pleased with the delivery service. You can order everything you need on allegro.pl and, in a couple of days, the goods will be at your home. There was no such luxury in Armenia.

Tasty food

— There is very tasty food, vegetables, and fruits, and what incredible burgers they cook here! You can always find a cuisine that you like — from national foods to choices from any European country.

The ability to travel

— Poland is a beautiful and large country where you can find mountains, the sea, or just walk around beautiful cities such as Krakow, Warsaw, or Gdansk. We are particularly pleased with the accessibility of visiting museums and exhibitions. You can easily make yourself a cultural program.

Many cities have airports with low-cost airlines to different directions in Europe. You can fly somewhere for the weekend without spending a fortune.

Public transport

— Transport links in the city are very convenient. All public transport is electric or, at worst, a hybrid. It runs on schedule. There are practically no traffic jams. Ticket prices are affordable and more than justify their cost – buses and trams are comfortable and clean.

The language barrier

— Most of the population speaks English. Plus, since I know Russian, I often understand what they say to me. In any case, learning Polish is worth it. For example, at a doctor's appointment, there may be a misunderstanding if you don’t speak Polish. Until you do, you will want to go to a private clinic, where specialists will know English for sure.

Mild climate

— For me summer here is perfect. This year, the temperature has risen to 36°C, but it is not the sweltering heat that we have in our country. It often rains and is cloudy, but I consider that a plus.

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