"Content plus live communication": blogger IT Beard recorded a video message on behalf of the Anywhere Club IT community

Today, Lex IT Beard's video message was released on the official YouTube Anywhere Club channel: in it, the blogger talks about the mission of the new community, explains why Discord is chosen as the platform for communication and how everything will work. We publish its content.

Lex IT Beard

About Anywhere Club and community

«Hi everyone! My name’s Lex, I am the leader of Anywhere Club Community Team.

Anywhere Club brings together a range of online platforms and opportunities that can boost your IT potential. The club provides access to educational content, job offers, and professional community.

This professional community is exactly the focus of Anywhere Club community team. Whether you are following us on social networks, participating in events or contributing to community development — you are a part of it, you are a member. You don’t need Anywhere Club membership to be one. Just join our conversations, grow as a professional, lend your expertise to other participants or help us build the community.

So what is this community all about? Why not just register at aw.club and explore the opportunities it offers? Easy. No project is alive until it has a space for natural, informal human communication. This is what we are here for: to make sure we hear what you are saying, and that you always have a place to go when you have questions, want to get advice or help out other community members, etc. This is a place where you can start a real-time discussion about education, relocation, work and personal development in IT – anything IT-related that comes to your mind.

How does Anywhere Club community function? Simply put, it relies on the combination of quality content and live chats. To make this possible, we had to choose a fitting platform. So we picked Discord. It’s an intuitive platform which many of you are familiar with – similar to Slack, but with enhanced functionality for socializing and holding online events. For those of you who are new to this platform, we’ve compiled text and video guides on how to get started. In about 15 minutes, you’ll get the grip of Discord.

Our own Discord server has its own infrastructure, upon which we are constantly improving. It is perfect for communicating in multiple languages as well as holding online events like interviews and meetups with club members or prominent people from the world of IT. We record all the events and upload the recordings to our YouTube channel, so subscribe to keep track of all the useful content!

Hopefully, you now have a better idea of what Anywhere Club community is, what it is all about and how it works. Build your IT career with pleasure — and with our help! And join Discord, too. See you soon!»

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