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AI-Generated RoboCall, ChatGPT at Australian Schools, LLM Battle — Top AI News of the Week as Selected by AI

The editorial team of Anywhere Club asked the latest GPT-4 model to analyze more than 40 top media platforms that cover AI news and create a summary of the top 10 stories of the week. Here they are – enjoy!

A set of technological terms

#1 — AlphaGeometry by Google DeepMind

Google DeepMind's AI system, AlphaGeometry, has demonstrated the ability to solve complex geometry problems at the level of an International Math Olympiad gold medalist. This represents a significant advancement in AI's problem-solving capabilities.

#2 — Meta's Open-Source AGI

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, announced the company's dedication to developing open-source artificial general intelligence (AGI). The next foundation model from Meta, Llama 3, will be open source and two of Meta’s AI teams, FAIR and GenAI, will be brought together to pursue this strategy.

#4 — Impact of AI on Job Market

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) indicated that AI could impact 60% of jobs in advanced economies, 40% in emerging markets, and 26% of jobs in low-income countries. Anticipated impacts include job losses resulting from AI as well as cases in which AI enhances, rather than replaces, human work.

#5 — Stable Code 3B

Stability AI released a new AI system for code generation and completion called Stable Code 3B. It offers enhanced coding assistance for a wider audience.

#6 — AI-Generated Robocall

An AI-generated robocall impersonating U.S. President Joe Biden discouraged Democratic Party members from voting in New Hampshire’s presidential primary election, raising concerns about AI's potential to disrupt elections.

#7 — ChatGPT at Australian Schools

The Australian government has introduced a framework to enhance education using AI technology, with ChatGPT to be implemented in Australian schools this year.

#8 — UN Head Warns Against AI Profiteering

The United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres cautioned against big tech firms prioritizing profits from AI without considering the risks it poses to things like human rights and privacy. Debates on balancing innovation with ethical considerations are ongoing.

#9 — New AI Rules in China

China may announce its own AI Act, following the example of the EU.

China’s efforts to establish clear AI guidelines and control AI-generated content position it to compete with other countries and pursue its goal of leading in AI by 2030. China's leniency on copyright issues related to AI to this time is seen as business friendly.

#10 — Google Gemini vs GPT-4

Google says that its Multimodal Transformer outperforms GPT-4 in benchmark tests. User results may vary, but potential improvements in AI applications like chatbots and virtual assistants are likely just around the corner.