IKEA AI Assistant, Possible AI Solution to NHS Crisis, Robotaxi Regulation — Top AI Breaking News as Selected by AI 

The editorial team of Anywhere Club asked the latest GPT-4 model to analyze more than 40 top media platforms that cover AI news and create a summary of the top 10 stories of the week. Here they are — enjoy!


#1 — IKEA AI Assistant

Ikea created an AI assistant on the GPT Store to help customers with home design. The tool is intended to enhance customer experience.

#2 — AI in Data Extraction

Google's Gradient Ventures invested in Send AI, a tool for data extraction from complex documents. This should lead to improved accuracy and security in document processing.

#3 — NHS Crisis and AI

The AI revolution is seen as a potential solution for the NHS (National Health Service) crisis in the UK, with tech companies promoting AI for medical health record analysis and diagnostics. Concerns exist that this could reshape individual’s relationships with their doctors and their health, and undermine NHS principles.

#4 — AI Skilling Opportunities for India

According to CEO Satya Nadella, Microsoft plans to offer AI skilling opportunities to 2 million individuals in India by 2025. This might mean future collaboration between India and the US to establish AI norms and regulations.

#5 — Freshworks Beats Revenue Estimates

Freshworks, a cloud-based business software company, exceeded Wall Street expectations for fourth-quarter revenue. Its strong performance is attributed to increased demand for AI-powered products.

#6 — Entrust Acquires AI-Based ID Verification Startup Onfido

Entrust Corp., a company that offers various identity, payment, and data security solutions, is buying startup Onfido, which specializes in identity verification using AI tools. The deal has not yet been completed due to the need for regulatory approvals, and the transaction amount has not been disclosed (although some news outlets say it could exceed $600 million).

#7 — Generative AI Startups Support

European Union lawmakers introduced support measures to boost AI startups and provide access to AI-dedicated supercomputers. The goal is advancing generative AI capabilities and enhancing the EU’s competitive position in the AI race.

#8 — UK AI Startup Partners with Dutch Recycling Company

UK AI startup Greyparrot partnered with Dutch recycling company Bollegraaf Group. The aim is to improve recycling processes and waste management using computer vision for “waste intelligence.”

#9 — China Is Regulating Robotaxis

China implemented its first regulation on the commercial operation of autonomous vehicles. This places China ahead of the US in terms of regulating these vehicles as the two countries head toward competition in the Middle East.

#10 — New AI-Powered Feature on Etsy

Etsy introduced "Gift Mode," an AI-powered feature that generates gift guides based on user inputs. Its goal is an enhanced user experience and reduced decision-making associated with gift purchasing.

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