Firewall for AI, Driverless Rides, AI in the Oil Industry — Top AI News as Selected by AI

The editorial team of Anywhere Club asked the latest GPT-4 model to analyze popular media platforms that cover AI news and create a summary of the top 10 recent stories. Here they are — enjoy!

Real news about AI, collected by AI #5

#1 — Anthropic Released Claude 3 AI Models

Anthropic, an AI research and safety company, introduced the Claude 3 AI model family, offering improved speed, performance, and cost-effectiveness. The 3 new models were designed to provide nearly instant results, outperform competing models, and demonstrate almost human comprehension levels. The model family allows users to choose the cost and performance level that suits their needs.

#2 — NVIDIA's CUDA Licensing Terms Update

NVIDIA updated its licensing terms to restrict the use of some features in its CUDA software when it is running on non-NVIDIA hardware. This move could help slow the reduction of its dominance in the AI computing space by making it harder to translate CUDA code.

#3 — Cloudflare Announced Firewall for AI

Cloudflare, which provides CDN services, introduced a new protection layer for Large Language Models (LLMs) called Firewall for AI. It is intended to address vulnerabilities of, and threats to, LLM functionality and data.

#4 — DeepMind Alumni Launched Haiper

Former DeepMind, TikTok, and academic research lab employees launched Haiper, a startup that offers an AI-powered video generation tool with text-to-video, image animation, and video repainting functionality. Haiper is the latest entrant in the growing field of AI-powered content creation.

#5 — Elon Musk Sues OpenAI

Elon Musk filed a lawsuit against OpenAI (the AI research company that he co-founded) and its CEO, Sam Altman, alleging breach of contract and seeking to compel OpenAI to revert to its original non-profit status and make its research and AI technology publicly available. OpenAI responded by releasing historical emails from Musk, which suggest that he supported a for-profit structure and, at one point, had said that the company should sell itself to Tesla.

#6 — Wix Launched AI Chatbot

Wix, a website building platform, launched an AI chatbot to assist users in creating websites with more personalized design. Users answer a few questions about the intended site, and then the chatbot will create a site in seconds based on the answers. This demonstrates the increasing integration of AI tools in digital services and web development.

#8 — Waymo Launches Driverless Rides for Employees

Waymo, a company specializing in self-driving technology, started offering driverless rides to its employees in certain areas of Austin, Texas. It expects to open the program to the public at a later time. The ride-hailing feature is already operational in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Phoenix.

#9 — Call for Independent Access to Generative AI Systems

More than a hundred top AI researchers, ethicists, and legal experts called for generative AI companies to allow independent access to their systems for independent evaluations, emphasizing the need for transparency and accountability in AI development.

#10 — ADNOC's Extra Profit

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) stated that it generated $500 million of additional value in 2023 by using more than 30 AI tools for various business purposes. This demonstrates the financial impact that AI can have on operations in the oil industry and the ADNOC has indicated that it will continue to roll out the technology.

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