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ChatGPT’s Memory, People vs Deepfakes, Google’s Magika — Top AI Breaking News as Selected by AI

The editorial team of Anywhere Club asked the latest GPT-4 model to analyze more than 40 top media platforms that cover AI news and create a summary of the top 10 stories of the week. Here they are — enjoy! 

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#1 — Google Pauses Gemini’s Ability to Generate Images

Google has temporarily suspended the ability of its AI suite, Gemini, to generate images of people due to inaccuracies in historical images. The company is working on updating the model to address the issue and improve this feature. Once the issues are addressed, this feature may be re-released.

#2 — US Justice Dept Introduced First AI Officer

The U.S. Justice Department has appointed its first official dedicated to artificial intelligence who is expected to provide advice regarding emerging technologies.

#3 — Letter Calling for Anti-Deepfake Legislation

AI leaders, actors, academics, and others have signed an open letter calling for legislation against deepfakes. Hundreds of signatories seek to prevent harmful AI-generated media and set penalties for creating or spreading harmful deepfakes.

#4 — Nvidia’s Market Value Rises

Nvidia's quarterly report exceeded expectations due to high demand for its AI chips, leading to a surge in the company's market value in a single day. This success illustrates the increasing importance of AI-related investments to investors.

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#5 — OpenAI's Sora

OpenAI introduced Sora, an AI model that can generate videos up to a minute in length from text prompts. Although not yet publicly available, it is a significant development, expected to revolutionize video content creation and impact various industries.

#6 — Microsoft's AI Investment in Spain

Microsoft will invest $2.1 billion in Spain over the next two years to expand its AI and cloud infrastructure. The goal of this investment is to enhance Spain's position in the AI and cloud computing sectors.

#7 — AI-Driven Cybersecurity Tool by Google

Google introduced Magika, an AI-driven file detection tool for cybersecurity. The tool is expected to revolutionize the identification of binary and textual file formats.

#8 — Meta Proposes a Self-Supervised Learning Model

V-JEPA is a video model that leverages self-supervised learning; it learns by watching videos, rather than from written text. The goal of this model is to enhance the reasoning and planning capabilities of machines.

#9 — ChatGPT’s Memory

OpenAI is testing a new functionality for ChatGPT, that enables it to remember things that you discuss in all chats to make future conversations more useful without requiring you to repeat information.

#10 — SoftBank's $100 Billion AI Chip Venture

Masayoshi Son, founder of SoftBank, is raising $100 billion for a new venture in the artificial intelligence industry. The aim is to compete with companies like Nvidia in the AI chip market.

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