What Does a Career in Data Science & AI Look Like?

In this episode Chris Howard is joined by data science and computer vision expert Zura Seferbekova for an in-depth interview into her professional journey, recommendations for those starting out in the field and a few tips on tooling.

Zura has a background in Business Analysis and Product Management, with over 6 years of commitment to various Machine Learning projects, focusing specifically on computer vision and recommendation systems. She also shares her own expertise to give an overview of machine learning as well as how advances in AI are furthering the field of data science.

In the video:

  • 00:00 Introduction & welcome by Chris Howard
  • 01:20 Zura's background
  • 01:52 Career pathway into Data Science
  • 05:21 Data Science tooling & skills
  • 09:37 Introduction to Computer Vision
  • 17:40 Classical vs generative Machine Learning
  • 24:23 Advances & applications of AI
  • 31:40 Final thoughts
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