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ChatGPT will not replace a human: an expert opinion on IT hype

ChatGPT in real life: Anastasia Zaiceva, Head of Communications at ZiMAD, shares her opinion on the possibilities and limitations of the technology.

Anastasia Zaiceva, Head of Communications at ZiMAD

What is ChatGPT?

— ChatGPT is a powerful text generation model developed by OpenAI. Thanks to its ability to generate answers to various queries that are close to what people expect from human interaction, ChatGPT has great potential for use in a wide range of industries, including: customer service, content creation, entertainment, and even personal daily routines.


— Let's see what opportunities ChatGPT offers in IT and in real life:

  1. Customer service. ChatGPT can be integrated into chatbots to provide fast and efficient customer support. The model can handle frequently asked questions and provide customers with relevant information, thereby freeing people to handle more complex queries.
  2. Content creation. It can be used to create articles, summaries, and other forms of text content. This can save content creators time and effort, allowing them to focus on other tasks, such as editing and refining the generated text.
  3. Entertainment. ChatGPT can be used to create interactive stories, such as text games and chatbots that mimic the personalities of famous characters.
  4. Personal daily routine. Just ask it to provide you with the most effective schedule for a working mom, so that she is in the office from 9 am to 6 pm with lunch, and that also includes tennis for her child twice a week, morning yoga, and a doctor's visit in the schedule.
  5. Nutrition. ChatGPT can help you create the most effective weekly menu that will include all the necessary nutrients and trace elements, even if you have special preferences or dietary restrictions. Try a query such as: a weekly menu for Pescatarians, enriched with omega, iron, and vitamin D3, and magic will happen.
  6. Marketing campaigns. It can help you create a persona (client portrait) for your campaigns, as well as target segments. I am sure that soon we will have AI tools for more optimal and efficient budget allocation.
  7. And there are many, many more things to come.

Will ChatGPT replace a human?

— Some people are concerned that their jobs will be replaced by ChatGPT. I think it simply expands the possibilities for human work. Why and how?

Despite its many potential uses, ChatGPT cannot replace people. Although the model has been trained on a huge amount of text data, and can generate very plausible answers, it lacks the emotional intelligence and creativity that make people unique.

Clearly, ChatGPT learns much faster than any person on the planet. The neural network “knows” a lot by collecting data from different sources. But it doesn't create anything unique. A person can be creative, inspired, transform knowledge, invent, and imagine. Imagination allows humans to explore ideas about things that don't exist in our current environment and perhaps don't even exist in reality. We take in information from the outside world — through light or sound waves — and find meaning in it, using memory and perception processes, transforming it into something new.

Research has shown that more than 15 areas of the human brain are involved in the process of inventing something new, and no one knows exactly how the process works. Artificial intelligence can help us find answers, but it is the prerogative of a person to ask a necessary and important question. ChatGPT can definitely increase your productivity, and it can be useful for a variety of professions, but people themselves determine what tasks they face, whether that involves market transformation or routine business activities.


— ChatGPT can expand a person's capabilities. But it should not be considered a replacement for a person. Responsible integration of artificial intelligence technologies into various industries can provide significant benefits. But it's also important to consider their limitations, and to use them in ethical ways that expand human capabilities, not replace them. So, I anticipate that with this new technology, there will be new rules.

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