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Claude exceeds expectations with 3.5 Sonnet, interactive environment Artifacts, Projects feature - 3 top AI news stories of the week in the latest AI digest

The AI news of the week is commented on by Alexei Kartynnik, the community leader of Anywhere Club.

Alexei Kartynnik


Today, all of the news is about Anthropic, since they are developing their ecosystem very powerfully.

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#1 — Claude exceeds expectations with 3.5 Sonnet

— First, the most important story is that Anthropic has released their new model Claude 3.5 Sonnet, and it’s amazing! This model beats all competitors including GPT-4o, Gemini Pro, and Claude 3 Opus, on important AI benchmarks. Its operating speed is twice as fast as that of Claude 3 Opus, and it claims to set new benchmarks for graduate-level reasoning, undergraduate-level knowledge, and the proficiency of its coding. Meanwhile, the cost of this model is the same as the cost for GPT-4o, and several times cheaper than Anthropic’s previous top model — Claude 3 Opus. Claude 3.5 Sonnet has a 200k context window, and updated versions of Opus and Haiku are promised to be released later this year.

#2 — Interactive environment for teamwork. Step 1: Artifacts

— In the web interface, Anthropic has launched a completely new thing that no one else is offering yet — Artifacts. Artifacts is a dedicated workspace, visible alongside the chat interface, that can display interactive charts and diagrams, draw graphics, write code, and even run the code during a conversation with a neural network! Now, right in your browser, while talking to Claude, you can ask him to write a “Snake” game and play it immediately, or to display an interactive model of a hydrogen atom, etc. It's a very cool thing. According to Anthropic, this is their first step toward creating a seamless, interactive, collaborative, teamwork environment.

#3 — Interactive environment for teamwork. Step 2: Projects

— And the second step on this path is a new feature in — Projects. Projects offers the ability to create pre-configured chats, similar to GPTs from ChatGPT. Now, you can establish preliminary settings for a Project, upload relevant files, and then create chats within the Project that will have access to your uploaded files. The goal is to apply existing internal knowledge to outputs from Claude. Projects can be shared with your colleagues within the Team subscription or used independently in the Pro subscription. We are waiting for the addition of Tools and web search. After that, it will be possible to cancel the subscription to ChatGPT and fully migrate to Claude.

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