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How a filmmaker built career in IT, became Head of SEO in Microsoft and inspired young Uzbek coders

Artem Malyshev, the podcast host at Anywhere Club, is talking about the new video:

— Our guest today is Shavkat Karimov, Head of the IT Community of Uzbekistan. Long time ago Shavkat started his path as a writer and filmmaker. He tried to make his career in Hollywood and even got some success, but it was not enough to move on. So, he switched to IT long before it became mainstream. He started as an SEO specialist and made a great career in this field. For 25 years Shavkat lived outside of Uzbekistan but came back to his homeland. Now he is a speaker, investor, mentor, and an inspirational figure for young generation of Uzbek IT community.

In the video:

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 1:13 About leading IT community of Uzbekistan
  • 3:04 From filmmaking to IT
  • 7:15 Influence of ChatGPT on SEO specialists
  • 13:45 Working in Microsoft and living outside of Uzbekistan for 25 years
  • 16:23 Why Shavkat came back to Uzbekistan
  • 23:44 About IT Park University
  • 31:52 Thoughts about IT industry of Uzbekistan
  • 36:48 Is it difficult for a junior software developer to find a job in Uzbekistan?
  • 42:06 About investment and mentoring for Uzbek startups
  • 50:27 Does the storyteller experience help in IT?
  • 52:57 Future of filmmaking in the AI era
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