Generative AI in Education: A Friend or a Foe

Ira Livshits, Consultant, Data Analytics Consulting at EPAM, gave a presentation at EPAM’s annual event — Learning Week 2023. Anywhere Club is now making the video* of Ira’s presentation available to registered members of the Club.

What is the role of Generative AI in education? Its use in that realm is met with a mix of anticipation and apprehension, excitement and skepticism, all underpinned by a sense of inevitability. GenAI has the potential to transform how we create, learn, and teach, making quality education accessible to all. And while we humans take the time to have a cup of coffee or read several posts on SM, AI is tirelessly advancing to new frontiers in education.

Let’s explore the world of Generative AI, its impact on the future of education, and our role in making it work.

Ira says the following about her presentation:

We must all acknowledge the presence of GenAI in education. Its influence is undeniable and enduring, and its potential is vast. GenAI offers the possibility of: access to quality education for those currently deprived of it, streamlining routine tasks, and increasing productivity. Human creativity, passion, curiosity, and the spirit of discovery, however, are irreplaceable. Any endeavor to replace these quintessential human qualities with AI would be misguided.

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