How to build better software faster

Pavel Veller, Vice President, Chief Technologist, Platforms at EPAM gave a presentation at EPAM’s annual internal Stream Conference. Anywhere Club is making the video* of Pavel’s presentation available to registered members of the Club.

Pavel Veller:

— When we build software, we make decisions every day. Decisions about technology, processes, and people. How do the decisions we make affect the final software product we ship? Is there a framework that would help us make decisions that lead to better software? What does “better” mean anyway? And what about the future? Can I make decisions that will better position my team and the software that we build for the future?

Let me tell you about how I and my teams think about building software. Let me tell you why we build in cloud-native serverless, why we are not monolithic, why we follow engineering excellence practices, why we deliver continuously, why we own what we build, how we run our engineering, and why we prefer to budget the team and not the features. Let me show you how we build better software faster.

    How to build better software faster
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