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How to learn Ruby on your own

Lead Software Engineer Aliaksandr Shahau shares his Ruby learning plan for beginners.

Lead Software Engineer Aliaksandr Shahou

— Beginning to learn something new can be stressful. Learning an unusual programming language that is unlike the usual Java or C ++ can mean double stress. It is much easier to cope with a challenge when you have a clear plan of what to do. I want to share with you a list of useful resources that every Ruby developer would like to have at the beginning of their career path. All sources are in English. So, the first thing you need to know is, of course, English. You can determine your proficiency level in the language, and choose your method of learning here.


  • GIT Basics. The version control system is very important, and this tutorial shows how it works.


  • Ruby Basics. This is a free online book on Ruby which covers the language basics in detail. It also contains advanced concepts. If you read and understand this book, you can say that you know Ruby. This knowledge is enough for you to start working. Most likely, in practice, it will never be necessary to have deeper knowledge of the language.
  • Practical Object-Oriented Design, An Agile Primer Using Ruby (POODR). This book covers how to write high-quality object-oriented code in Ruby. Basic knowledge of Ruby is presented in this book. I believe that every self-respecting Ruby developer should read it because it contains the basics, without which it will be difficult to write high-quality code.

Blogs and websites

  • Codewars. Codewars is a website where you can practice solving problems of different difficulty levels using different programming languages (including Ruby). This is the best way to learn the syntax. Even if you are already a senior developer, we recommend you maintain the tradition of solving problems to keep yourself sharp. Practice is everything.
  • Every Programmer Should Know. This is the aggregator of what every self-respecting software engineer should know. Here are links with worth information about every area of programming. To know that they exist and to understand at least the fourth part of it is very useful.
  • Justin Weiss and Piotr Solnca — blogs of experienced developers who are active members of the Ruby community.
  • Thoughtbot. This is a consulting agency blog created by a community of developers who advise companies on how best to develop their products. The authors write very cool high-quality articles. To find materials exclusively on Ruby, you need to go to the website blog, type in tag Ruby, or Ruby on rails. Almost everything on the site contains interesting thoughts and useful information, verified by the community.
  • Awesome Ruby. This repository has a list of Ruby libraries for various needs, it offers an idea of the problems that can be solved in Ruby, and what tools are available for this purpose. The repository is very popular and actively maintained. If you need practice, choose a library that seems useful to you, try to understand it, and then improve it.

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