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More AI on Android, More AI videos, and Some News We Don’t Need - Top AI News of the Week

Our latest AI Digest covers the biggest breaking AI news of the week. Anywhere Club community leader, Viktar Shalenchanka, comments on key stories.

Anywhere Club community leader, Viktar Shalenchanka

#1 — We need more AI

Google employees recently published instructions on their blog for integrating Google’s next-gen Gemini Pro AI model into Android applications. There is a corresponding option in Android Studio, the app development environment. This will create significant competition for the OpenAI API, since integrating Gemini will be much simpler. It also means that there will be many more applications with AI integration on Android in 2024.

#2 — Do we need more videos?

Not only will we see more applications with AI integration, we will surely be seeing more videos as well. A new service called InVideo allows you to create a video on any topic in the style of a “video explanation." All you need is an idea – and a little time to wait for the generation. The service will find the necessary information, write a script, download video clips from stock, generate a voiceover, and assemble it all into a single video. You can then edit the video using simple requests. In my experience, it works very well. To see an example, you can watch the ad for Anywhere Club that I generated in just 10 minutes.

#3 — We really don't need this!

We really don't need this!

While we look forward to new applications and new content, the use of ChatGPT for military purposes seems like something we don't need. OpenAI recently opened the door to it by removing the prohibition on the use of all of its products "for military purposes and during times of armed conflict." This includes ChatGPT and all API products. We can only hope that the removal of this clause is merely a technical thing.

Surprise, Surprise

P.S. To lighten things up a bit after the last news story, I suggest that you check out the catalog of AI services mentioned in our podcast. We recently released it as OpenSource, and you can use it for any purpose. There are already over 170 services listed!

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