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Moshi voice assistant, AI in Figma and maybe as a Mayor in Wyoming — the top 3 AI news of the week

Our latest AI Digest covers the biggest breaking AI news of the week. Anywhere Club community leader, Viktar Shalenchanka, comments on key stories.

Anywhere Club community leader, Viktar Shalenchanka

#1 — Moshi vs GPT4o

While OpenAI has postponed the release of GPT-4o’s Voice Mode, the French AI lab Kyutai has launched a service that might outperform it. Moshi, the real-time AI voice assistant, claims that it exceeds OpenAI’s unreleased service in audiovisual interaction and emotional expressiveness. No real tests have been conducted yet — so we just have the assurances of the service developers — but it claims to be an open-source project, capable of lifelike interactions, that will focus on accountability and security. Moshi has a response time of only 200 milliseconds, and it can understand and speak in various tones of voice, and interrupt conversations. Kyutai is searching for users to test Moshi and has already conducted a demo.

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#2 — Figma rolled out AI tools — briefly

Figma added AI features via a tool called Make Designs for interface generation directly within the app. This is a useful function for designers that had to be hastily disabled. A user generated a weather app interface and ended up with an almost exact copy of Apple’s Weather app. The company is suspected of using user data to train their AI model.

#3 — AI for Mayor

Victor Miller, a mayoral candidate in Cheyenne, Wyoming, plans to use a customized ChatGPT bot for political decision-making if he is elected mayor. According to Miller, the service from OpenAI is in a better position than politicians to process large volumes of information, know the law, and act rationally. But the chances of success are slim — it contradicts the state electoral law and the prohibition in the ChatGPT user agreement against political campaigning. Miller is thinking about switching to open-source Llama 3, but that won’t fully resolve the legal issue. It remains unclear how voters feel about an AI Mayor.

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