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New AI Safeguards, AI Act, Banned Prompts — Top AI News as Selected by AI

The editorial team of Anywhere Club asked the latest GPT-4 model to analyze popular media platforms that cover AI news and create a summary of the top 10 recent stories.

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#1 — New AI Safeguards in the U.S.

The US White House has mandated that federal agencies adopt new safeguards for AI use by December 1. The goal is to protect the rights of Americans and ensure safety as AI applications expand. This directive applies to a wide range of applications and is part of a broader effort to responsibly guide AI development and usage within the government, and to provide transparency.

#2 — Valeo Wants to Use More Google Cloud AI Tools

Valeo, a large French automotive company, has announced its decision to use more Google Cloud AI tools, highlighting the growing importance of AI technology in the automotive sector. This agreement underscores the increasing integration of AI in various industries and its potential to transform even traditional manufacturing processes.

#3 — StealthMole Raises $7 Million in Series A Funding

AI-powered dark web intelligence startup StealthMole raised $7 million in a Series A funding round. The funding will allow StealthMole to establish additional R&D centers and will support commercial uses of its AI technology, which is intended for cyber threat monitoring and cybercrime detection, highlighting the growing interest in AI applications for cybersecurity.

#4 — Amazon Pours $2.75 Billion More into Anthropic

Amazon announced an additional $2.75 billion investment in Anthropic, an artificial intelligence startup, bringing its total investment to $4 billion. This move illustrates Amazon's belief in Anthropic's potential as a rival to OpenAI and its ChatGPT.

#5 — AWS Generative AI Capabilities Now Available in BMC AMI zAdviser

BMC Software added AWS Generative AI capabilities to BMC AMI zAdviser Enterprise. This service helps measure developers’ productivity by identifying KPIs, enhancing mainframe DevOps projects. The integration provides summarization, analysis, and recommendations based on DORA metrics data, showcasing the transformational impact of generative AI technology in enterprise software development.

#6 — Amazon Titan Image Generator G1

Amazon Titan Image Generator G1, a text-to-image model available via Amazon Bedrock and aimed at enterprise users, allows users to fine-tune the model with their own data. This enables enterprise users across industries to streamline and personalize image generation, enhance creativity, and improve customer experience.

#7 — Job Apocalypse Risks

The Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) released a report warning of a “job apocalypse,” in which AI potentially threatens nearly eight million UK jobs. The report emphasizes the need for a strategy and preparation to ensure that workers are protected and benefit from technological advancements.

#8 — A New Application of AI

San Jose invited tech companies to train AI to detect homeless encampments and belongings, in what is believed to be the first such experiment in the US. City sources say that the data is intended to be used to provide services, but the pilot program is raising ethical concerns about using AI for surveillance of vulnerable populations.

#9 — The First Comprehensive AI Regulation

The European Union approved the world's first comprehensive legal framework for AI regulation, the AI Act. The Act uses a risk-based approach and will ban or impose strict requirements on high-risk uses, allow regulated applications in sectors like healthcare and transportation, and permit minimal-risk AI to be freely used.

#10 — Banned Prompts

Midjourney, the AI image generator, banned prompts related to political figures like Joe Biden and Donald Trump, reflecting the content moderation challenges associated with generative AI models.