Nvidia unveils future innovations. New thing from ClickUp, Latest Global Funding Trends

Our latest AI Digest covers the biggest breaking AI news for the week. Nikolai Chesalin, Product Architect at EPAM, comments on key stories.

Nikolai Chesalin, Product Architect

#1 — Nvidia unveils future innovations and AI CPUs race heats up

Nvidia has unveiled some exciting news at the Computex 2024 trade show in Taipei! They’re launching a brand-new AI chip platform called Rubin in 2026. This next-gen platform will include superfast CPUs, GPUs, and networking chips with high-bandwidth memory from tech giants like SK Hynix, Micron, and Samsung.

Rubin will feature blazing HBM4 memory and NVLink 6 Switch, running at an astonishing 3,600GBps. Plus, Nvidia hinted at an upcoming “Rubin Ultra” version that promises to be even more efficient and cost-effective.

But that’s not all! Nvidia also introduced a cool new ARM-based CPU called Vera, which will be part of the Vera Rubin accelerator board, paired with one of the Rubin GPUs.

By introducing this exciting lineup and accelerating its release schedule from every two years to yearly, Nvidia aims to maintain its leadership in the AI chip market, where it already boasts an impressive 80% market share.

Meanwhile, AMD and Intel are also bringing their A-game with new AI accelerators, making this tech race more thrilling than ever.

Get ready for some amazing AI advancements from Nvidia and its rivals. The future of AI looks incredibly bright and fun!

Please see the full version of the keynote or its short version.

#2 A New thing from ClickUp: AI-Powered Knowledge Management. No more work about work!

In the AI era, effective knowledge management is critical for organizational success. ClickUp is stepping up to the challenge by launching an AI-based knowledge base to compete with popular tools like Notion and Confluence.

Co-founder and CEO Zeb Evans emphasizes the importance of having a centralized repository for business knowledge. The new ClickUp Knowledge Management combines a wiki-like editor with an advanced AI system that integrates data from Google Drive, Dropbox, Confluence, Figma, and more.

“You can build wikis in ClickUp, but we also connect to all your other tools, creating a central company brain,” Evans explained. This fun and efficient platform offers prebuilt templates, automatic task assignments, and a chatbot that not only references sources but also suggests creating relevant documents.

ClickUp’s mission is to eliminate the tedious “work about work,” making your workflow smoother and more enjoyable. Get ready for a smarter, more connected way to manage knowledge with ClickUp!

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