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Video Creation Revolution, Voice Generation Success, AI Agent in the OS — Top AI News of the Week

Our latest AI Digest covers the biggest breaking AI news of the week. Anywhere Club community leader, Viktar Shalenchanka, comments on key stories.

Anywhere Club community leader, Viktar Shalenchanka

#1 — Is Sora a new revolution in video creation?

Sora, OpenAI’s new text-to-video model, was announced last week. It joins several major players, including RunwayML, in the business of generating videos from text. Judging by the demos, however, Sora surpasses them all. In response to practically any request, it generates stunning videos up to a minute long, that have a movie-like quality. There is one important "but" here — the demo is not public. Access to the service is limited to researchers and a select number of creators. If the finished product works like the demo videos, however, we are in for another revolution, this time in the field of short video creation. At this point, it looks like AI could potentially replace a human in this area as early as this year.

#2 — Startup ElevenLabs raised $80 million and has a slate of new products

ElevenLabs, which specializes in replicating voices used (among other things) to create voice clones and dub videos, is another player to watch. The AI startup was recently valued at more than $1 billion dollars and it successfully raised $80 million in a Series B funding round. The two-year-old company has grown its staff from 5 to 40 people and plans to expand further. The report states that 41% of Fortune 500 companies now use ElevenLabs technology. This is an excellent result for a startup that originally had a staff of 5 people. The company also introduced a number of new products that are expected to go live soon.

#3 — UFO: An AI agent in the operating system

Startups aren't the only participants in the AI race, though. Microsoft released a project called UFO on GitHub. UFO is an AI agent for managing open windows in the operating system — it translates natural-language user requests into operations. This means that UFO will be able to perform practically any action, in almost any applications open in the OS. And all this with AI integration! The areas of potential application are huge — from voice control to complex automations — at this point, imagination is the only limit.

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