Why the first Kyrgyz Software Developer at Google returned home after 11 years

Artem Malyshev, the podcast host at Anywhere Club, is talking about the new video:

— The guest today is Tilek Mamutov, the first Software Developer in Google from Kyrgyzstan. When he was young, he got a job there and moved to Ireland, then to Switzerland, then to the United States. For many years he traveled around the world and finally came back to Kyrgyzstan where he lives now. Today Tilek is a founder of the successful startup Outtalent and an inspirational figure for many Kyrgyz software developers. In the video, Tilek shares his own story and talks about the modern Kyrgyz IT industry.

In the video:

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 0:58 How Tilek got a job at Google
  • 5:07 Working at Google was a life-changing experience
  • 6:55 Why Tilek decided to come back to Kyrgyzstan
  • 7:37 How Tilek helped to add Kyrgyz language to Google Translate
  • 12:59 How IT industry in Kyrgyzstan changed from early 2000s to nowadays
  • 15:04 How Tilek studied computer sciences and then became the youngest teacher in his University
  • 19:52 Tilek talks about modern Kyrgyz IT industry — startups, outsource companies and government corporations
  • 29:33 Is it difficult to run a global startup from Kyrgyzstan
  • 32:49 What is the most popular way to become a software developer in Kyrgyzstan
  • 40:43 Which technologies are the most popular in Kyrgyzstan
  • 41:53 How does a typical software developer career in Kyrgyzstan look like
  • 46:03 Tilek speaks a little about average salaries in Kyrgyzstan
  • 49:13 Why is it faster for Tilek to grow in Kyrgyzstan than in Silicon Valley
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