How Douglas Crockford Envisions the Future of Programming, JavaScript Replacement, and the AI Hype: Video Interview

Artem Malyshev, the podcast host at Anywhere Club, is talking about the new video:

— Douglas Crockford — the author of JSON data format and JavaScript legend — speaks about his new programming language, which should replace JavaScript. He also explains why we should stop using JavaScript and move on with something new, recalls the best moments of his career and shares his thoughts on all the modern AI hype.


  • 0:00 — Intro
  • 0:40 — New programming language from Douglas Crockford
  • 2:52 — Why we should stop using JavaScript
  • 9:22 — How should JavaScript replacement work
  • 12:02 — What about types and all the environment around JavaScript
  • 18:32 — What was the most interesting time in Douglas's career
  • 33:40 — How Douglas “discovered” JSON
  • 41:02 — What Douglas Crockford thinks about all the hype around AI
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