Unraveling AI Myths: Future and Misconceptions

In this episode Chris Howard is joined by Data Science, Computer Vision and AI Champion Zura Seferbekova for a deep-dive into the misconceptions, challenges and often untrue assumptions about AI. Zura reminds that AI tooling remains built on complex mathematical models and probability matrices, and shares her thoughts on the role of regulation and community in building responsible AI tools for the future.

In this video: 

  • 00:00 Introduction 

  • 01:48 Setting the scene on AI's challenges and myths 

  • 09:40 A human perception of AI 

  • 10:39 Explainability in AI 

  • 15:17 Is a fully open-sourced AI the future? 

  • 21:14 AI — is it enhancing or eliminating IT roles? 

  • 29:01 A summary of AI 

  • 29:57 Wrap-up

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