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What Are the Main JavaScript Trends 2023

What are the top JavaScript trends? What technologies and tools should you pay close attention to? Andrii Gordiichuk, Senior Engineering Manager at EPAM, shares the comprehensive list.

Andrii Gordiichuk, Senior Engineering Manager

— Together with my colleagues, I picked a few areas of JavaScript and web development to focus on in 2023 and beyond. They continue to interest the JavaScript engineering community and can be useful for junior developers as well.

The easiest programming languages to learn


— To avoid missing anything important in a rapidly developing world, you should learn new things. My advice to JavaScript engineers is to consider learning new languages. Besides Python and Go, new languages such as Rust will be helpful in 2023 and beyond. The fact that Rust has become the second language officially accepted for Linux kernel development says a lot about its future.

As users become more demanding and the competition for attention grows, web application performance and user experience will be increasingly important. This requires that engineers look into new design frameworks and systems.

To keep up with the trends in the modern cloud-first world, explore cloud-based storage, databases, APIs, serverless architecture, and cloud security. And don’t be afraid of AI, it won’t replace developers in the near future.