What is Developer Relations / Interview with Evgeny Borisov

This IT Show episode discusses the nuances of the Developer Relations field, the importance of "DevRel" as a career, and the challenges of communicating complex technical topics. Chris Howard, along with the guest Evgeny Borisov, Head of Developer Relations at EPAM, deeply analyzed the industry's development prospects and tried to anticipate upcoming trends.

In the video:

  • 00:00 Introduction and welcome by Chris Howard
  • 01:15 Evgeny Borisov’s background and journey in IT
  • 02:54 Evgeny's association with EPAM
  • 03:33 Introduction to Developer Relations
  • 06:37 What is Developer Relations
  • 12:30 Roles in Developer Relations
  • 17:05 Important skills
  • 19:35 What languages do you need to know as a DevRel specialist
  • 23:40 What Eugene is proud of
  • 26:55 How to communicate with developers
  • 42:15 How to get into DevRel
  • 44:10 About coaching
  • 46:45 Final thoughts