20+ Sources to Polish Your Expertise in Python

Yevheniia Prysiazhna, Lead Communications Specialist at EPAM, shares several learning resources that help you sharpen and polish your Python skills.

About the basic concepts of the language and best practices of writing code you can read in the article Starting your coding journey with Python: a helpful guide for beginners.


With a book, you can learn at your own pace. You can revisit chapters, review examples, and take your time to understand complex topics. Books cover a wide range of topics, from the basics of the language to more advanced concepts.

Here are the newest and top-rated books for learning Python:



Early release

Early release

The highest rating

LinkedIn Learning courses

LinkedIn Learning courses can be another great way to learn Python. They are organized into structured learning paths, ensuring a gradual and logical progression in your learning journey. The instructors are industry experts and experienced professionals who help to enhance your understanding and skill development.

Here are several courses intended for different skill levels:

Level: Beginner

Level: Intermediate

Level: Advanced

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Live events

Remember that consistent practice and application of what you learn are essential for skill improvement. Books and courses provide the foundation, but hands-on coding and working on projects are equally important to truly sharpen your Python skills.

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